July 12, 2020

Get More Likes on Instagram Organically 2020 | Boost Engagement

why does this photo get more likes of
this one






this one got way more likes
than this one







In this post we’re gonna
talk about increasing your engagement on
Instagram and boosting your chances of
actually having your posts go viral and
get on the explore page

I’m gonna go
over the actual content part what you
need to be doing with your photos how
you need to be editing your photos
and in the second part we’re gonna go
over actual like little trips and hacks
Let’s just jump straight into
whole content strategy thing first
thing I want to throw out there this is
major please do this and that’s to post
vertical content whether it be photos or
videos make sure you’re posting vertical
what I mean by that is the way
you crop the photos you take so say

I want to post this photo right here









If you go into a little corner over here on
these little arrows in the left right
corner and hit it you can see that the
post turns into a vertical post








been proven over and over again that
vertical posts just get more engagement
people like to see those vertical posts
there’s a couple of reasons for this I
mean first of all it’s just simply more
aesthetically pleasing you’re looking at
your phone vertically when you’re
browsing through Instagram so would it
make sense for your post to be vertical
as well it also has a lot to do with the
portion of the screen that the photo
takes up when someone’s scrolling
through Instagram and they see your
posts take up the whole their whole
screen there they’re gonna be more
likely to engage with it rather than if
you posted something horizontally or
square where it takes a tiny portion of
the screen up and it’s a lot easier to
kind of just scroll through and skip to
show you guys how powerful vertical


Let’s say you’re a food blogger






I found that when you post something that had like a
food tray  of thing going on like

just taking a picture of
like a single burger or a single

a bunch of food out yet way more likes







Posting Multiple photos

you’re  posting photography or
something like that
 you can
 post multiple photos within one post
do the little slideshow thing I think
Instagram Carter calls it the carousel
I’m not sure but it’s a little slideshow
thing where you can swipe and view
multiple photos on the same post when
you do that the audience is obviously
gonna spend more time swiping through
the post and like it at a single photo
and that’s gonna boost your watch time
and that’s good for Instagram .
Poating Bright Images
you should  not be posting lighter photos
people engage way more with posts that
are kind of like bright and light rather
than the dark and dim ones and this is
very easy to do you don’t even have to
make specific content for this purpose
if you just go into the editing app
before you post it’s very easy

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